When to NoSQL and when to know SQL

Posted on 20 Feb 2014

With NoSQL, NewSQL and plain old SQL, there are so many tools around it’s not always clear which is the right one for the job.

This is a look at a series of NoSQL technologies, comparing them against traditional SQL technology. I’ll compare real use cases and show how they are solved with both NoSQL options, and traditional SQL servers, and then see who wins.

We’ll look at some code and architecture examples that fit a variety of NoSQL techniques, and some where SQL is a better answer. We’ll see some big data problems, little data problems, and a bunch of new and old database technologies to find whatever it takes to solve the problem.

By the end you’ll hopefully know more NoSQL, and maybe even have a few new tricks with SQL, and what’s more how to choose the right tool for the job.

This talk was first delivered at Code PaLOUsa 2014. The video will be available on InfoQ. Slides are available at slideshare.

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