Cambridge Startup Weekend Pitching Begins

Posted on 10 Mar 2011

I’ve blogged before about the Cambridge Startup Weekend, and am pleased to see that the organisers have done a fantastic PR job and sold out completely. One of the most interested pieces of social PR work I say in the run up was a series of twitter competitions to pitch, or anti-pitch ideas and win a ticket. This produced some fun, some sarcasm, and some great ideas in assorted measure.

I was also particularly pleased to have won the #thepitch contest, and got my free ticket! An extended version of the pitch is on a linked-in group that is another great warmup to the weekend innovation. I’ve copied it below. Hope it catches someone’s eye, and I’m looking forward to getting together with the right people and making it happen.

Congratulations to Bonnie Cotier for all the hard work on the twitter campaign, and thanks for introducing me to some really innovative channels and apps. The audioboo app really came into its own at the Pitch and Mix pre-weekend meetup. It seems like a great tool for a roving web 2.0 reporter, and has produced some excellent on the spot interviews.

There are dozens of apps on the stores for tracking diabetes. They range from basic blood sugar graphs to rich analytics. However, for people suffering from more complicated diseases with equally complex drug regimes, there is very little. For those suffering the sort of illness which needs eight pills in the morning, six with lunch and a whole different set at various other points during the day, the doses, frequencies and symptoms can get confusing. When it comes to renew prescriptions, and giving information to medical professionals, extraordinary feats of organisation and memory are often required of the very sick.What we have here is a classic stock management and data problem. An app which lays down the framework for solving this problem across a variety of different specialist diseases would provide an extensible solution bringing all the classic benefits of ERP software to the individual patient dealing with a lot of stuff.I believe that with the right team, this is a problem we can solve effectively and quickly within the format of a weekend like this and expand substantially going forward. With a good combination of web based analytics, and simple input systems through a mobile app, this can help make people's lives significantly easier.What I need is some good medical and marketing help, and some top-notch mobile UI programmers who can help build a great user experience for people who need it.

If anyone is interested in hearing more about it, has anything to add, or would like to help me form the team, just let me know in the comments, or on linked in. You can even email me if you want to go old-school!

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